The Community Bonding period

The community bonding period begins from the day of the results and ends on June 6th this year.

In coala organization, there is a general rule of writing and publishing a coala Enhancement Proposal (cEP) before starting out any project. So, after I was done with the formalities, such as providing my account details (for the stipend), I began working on my cEP. I also used the community bonding period to create milestones for the duration of my project and opened issues pertaining to each milestone so that I, and my mentors, will be able to agree upon the targets for the summer clearly. The milestones and issues will also serve as a roadmap throughout the coding period and will help me out whenever I face problems on how to proceed further.

Along with this, I utilized these 3 weeks to meet up with my mentor Abhinav twice and discuss the project and coala organization at length. We were able to discuss the details in depth, which helped increase my understanding of the project. I also met up with the other student developers in coala organisation, and through a fun chat, we got to know each other more.

The coding period begins tomorrow, which is 7 June. I’m eagerly looking forward to a summer of extensive learning and contribution!